Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Rod Klukas Profile

Origin: Eau Claire, Wisconsin - Since 1949
Industry: Photography
Occupation: Sales & Education
Location: Phoenix, Arizona - Since 1974

About Me
I love to teach and help others learn the art of photography, especially view camera technique. I hope you find something to inspire and inform you on this site.

BA/History, BA/Geography, Minor/Philosophy - Arizona State
MFA/Photography - Arizona State University

Professional Product Manager - Photomark/Phoenix, Arizona
Adjunct Professor of Photography - Scottsdale Community College
Photography workshop instructor
One-on-one training in view camera technique
Guest Lecturer/Instructor for Lindblad Expeditions/Antarctica
Museum Lecturer/SMOCA on the History Of Photography
Military Service/US Marine Corps

Influences in Photography
My mentor - Oliver Gagliani
My professors at ASU - Bill Jay, Eric Kronegold, Mark Klett
Early influences - Edward Weston, Edward Steichen, Alfred Stieglitz

Classical music listening, reading, movie watching. I love all kinds of art, and have a special interest in military and aviation history.